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Guitar gains

A bit of a departure from the usual Edinburgh Guitar lessons

content, but just a gentle reminder, for all of us, that we can be a little better tomorrow than we were yesterday. And making those gains on guitar is one of best ways ;-)

The standard 'self improvement plan' is to start following Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson on Instagram, buy yourself a gym pass, start a meal plan and tell anyone who'll listen that you're "gonna get totally shredded brah". And that's great. But the fantastic thing about putting time into an instrument, compared to the weights room, is that those gains can be with you for your entire life. So don't let it get in the way of getting in shape, but learning an instrument is really a fantastic way of improving day to day, and all your progress won't be ruined by a couple too many cheat days. So if you've made the decision to start, now all you have to do is remind yourself of your progress. Here is where an Edinburgh guitar teacher comes in handy. Unfortunately the reality is that learning an instrument on your own is fairly hit and miss, you could spend hours making no progress at all. At guitar lessons in Edinburgh the process has been carefully examined and distilled, to the point that it can be claimed that all you have to do is follow the advice and instruction as advised and you WILL get better, guaranteed. Which is pretty cool right?

At that point, it's up to you, put in as much time as you want and make it a really great part of your life that can be with you as long as you live. There really is no limit to how gratifying music can be if you make it a part of your life, it can be a hobby on the side, or a lifelong pursuit, it can give you a greater appreciation as a fan and a greater sense of well being as a person. So, get yourself a guitar, book some lessons and off you go!

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