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Plectrum studies for the serious guitarist is a one of a kind book of original technique building studies, composed specifically for plectrum style guitar.

 "Great melodies, great harmony, great for developing technique, as well as learning practical theory"

 Graeme Stephen, winner of jazz instrumentalist of the year


"As technical exercises these fit the bill very well; they are well constructed for the job and musically convincing"


Dick Lee, 2002 Creative Scotland award winner


"An innovative approach to plectrum studies in a well thought-out, clearly presented format...a series of pieces that engage, challenge and reward guitarists who want to develop their picking, sweeping and fingering skills."

Graham Weir, Director of the

Ian Tomlin School of Music, (Napier University)

Etude 2.3
Etude 5.1
Etude 4.1
Etude 2.2
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