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Once you've decided to take that daunting first step and begin to learn the guitar in Edinburgh, taking advantage of any help you can is important, and finding the right Edinburgh guitar teacher is paramount. Learning with a structured program of lessons can help keep you from making some really basic mistakes, saving yourself hundreds of frustrating hours. Unfortunately there are many well intentioned guitar teachers, who are great musicians in their own right but haven't had enough experience to recognize the kinds of mistakes that students are prone to making, nor the solutions to these mistakes! Getting lessons from an inexperienced tutor does in no way guarantee you'll improve, it may mean you're spending money pointlessly. There are also "lessons" to be taken from youtube videos, and although they can be useful in conjunction with lessons, they are more like lectures and miss all the interaction between teacher and student which is vital for



If you have been playing for a while already then you've probably come to this page because you've hit a bit of a hump with your playing and are looking for some direction. We've all been there at some point or another and getting some help and guidance as soon as possible really is worth it, without it you could be in the same rut for years without progressing. At guitar lessons in edinburgh the material you go through will be supported with notation and tab, as well as recordings. All of it is about making the effort of learning the guitar as smooth as it possibly can be.


Maybe you're just starting out and don't know where to begin. If you're going to learn the guitar then Guitar Lessons in Edinburgh is the best place to start. Lesson pace and structure can be tailored to suit your level of enthusiasm and available practice time. If you want to get really good as quick as possible, we can do that. If you want to just have fun playing the guitar, we can do that too! If you want to do both, even better. The difference between knowing you're doing things the right way and not knowing at all is huge.


Whether you're a beginner or advanced, you've already taken the first step to getting better at guitar, which is looking for lessons. Learning an instrument can be the most rewarding thing you can do, however small or big your goals are but trying to learn on your own without help is a sure-fire way to end up quitting in frustration. Not only can learning with a teacher help you play with the most efficient technique, it will mean you've ALWAYS got something to practice that you know will be improving your guitar playing. When you're a beginner this can help solve the question of 'where do I start?'. If you've been playing for a while, then at some point you've probably asked yourself 'what should I practice?'. Not knowing what to practice can mean you end up playing the same riff you learned years ago over and over, and you won't ever improve; lessons with an experienced teacher will help solve that. So get in contact now and book your first lesson, ½ price!  

Choosing a guitar teacher in Edinburgh can be difficult, and that's why at Guitar lessons in Edinburgh the focus is on structuring lessons around each individual student, to give you the quicket and easiest route to getting great results. Lessons are given for guitar, bass and music theory. Whether you're looking to perfect your technique and improvisational vocabulary or just learn a few of your favourite songs, with well-structured and goal-orientated lessons you can become the guitar player you want to be. Unfortunately if you try learning by yourself without lessons then you're really rolling the dice that you're going to be playing things with roughly the right technique, and even more so with feel and musicality. The somewhat alarming truth of learning and practice is that you learn whatever it is you're practicing, so if you're playing something with the wrong notes, the wrong technique, the wrong rhythm etc. then you're actively learning it wrong. So it's not even that you're not learning as efficiently as you could, it's that you could be causing yourself more problems that you'll have to put extra effort in later to unlearn.

Another reality of playing music is not being able to pinpoint why you sound bad! So many players know they sound bad (although some don't!) but can't

figure out why and so they don't know what to do to sound better. For all these questions, lessons from an experienced teacher can be the answer.
















































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Guitar Lessons in Edinburgh

Guitar lessons in Edinburgh                

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"Josh is a friendly, knowledgeable and patient teacher. He takes the time to tailor a manageable structure for lessons with the perfect balance of achievable and challenging content. Most of all, they are great fun."

Rowan Morrison

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