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"I have found Joshua to be a very reliable and conscientious individual who has taken his job of teaching my sons guitar very seriously and offered a superb range of options in his  lesson plans. He is always polite and enthusiastic, and has consistently shown a degree of commitment that I believe is unusual in this field ; my kids always want to attend his lessons and benefit from an individually tailored approach to their own particular musical styles. A highly versatile and interesting person, Joshua Seex has been an inspirational teacher over the last two years to my both my children and I thoroughly recommend him to you."


Heather Morrison, Portobello


"Joshua has taught guitar to beginners and improvers at Bruntsfield Primary School for 2 years. The pupils have enjoyed coming to his lunchtime club and have made great progress. He has well prepared them for school concerts, where their performances have been widely praised."


James Wilson,

Head Teacher at Bruntsfield Primary school


"I have been having guitar lessons with Joshua since October 2005 (since I was 10 years old), and it has proven a worthwhile time spent. Joshua is a talented musician with a sense of humour and a flexible attitude towards teaching. Over the years, when my schools music department has been less helpful than it could have been, I have recommended many stressed friends to Joshua for guitar tuition. Not only does Joshua plan his lessons thoroughly, but when you need to learn something particular for school, he is more than happy to scrap his lesson plan and help you learn the piece. Even if you have expressed an interest in a particular artist or music type, Joshua tailors his lessons around your interests.


When I started my lessons with Joshua I was merely interested in playing guitar. Over the years, Joshua has helped me through many exams, and helped maintain my enthusiasm for playing the guitar. One thing is for certain, I couldn’t have passed my music practical exam without Joshua's help. He is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher."


Owen Anderson, Portobello


"Joshua has taught both guitar club classes at Brunsfielf primary school, one beginners and one improvers (which included my son) spanning primaries 5 to 7. The pupils enjoyed Joss's style of teaching and were more than happy to give up their lunch break to come to his lessons. He encouraged the students by teaching them tunes they recognised - even some trendy numbers like 'Don't Stop Believing' from Glee. The kids had a chance to show off at the school music concerts; the improvers class put on a sensational performance of Beethoven's 'Fur Elise', while the beginners played an excellent rendition of an original composition of Joshua's, 'Spanish Land'."


Anne Crawford, Brunstfield primary school


"Joshua has been an inspirational guitar teacher to my laid back, 15 year only son! He was not encouraged at school by the music department even though he showed an interest. As the lessons seem to be tailored to the pupils own  abilities and musical tastes he has thoroughly enjoyed and learnt alot in his 18 months of guitar lessons with Joshua."


Jackie Smith, Musselburgh


"I've been getting guitar lessons with Josh for about a year now. Not only is he a great guitarist but he is also a great teacher.

He is always happy to teach you new songs that you're into. Would highly recommend him."


Mark Brady


"I first met Joshua in 2004 at a gig we were both playing, and I was immediately blown away by his guitar skills, musical creativity and obvious professionalism. As a performer, Joshua was back then and still continues to be simply in a different league from the vast majority of guitarists.


In the years since we met, Joshua has become a highly valued friend and we regularly consult with each other on all aspects of music: technique, theory, performance, composition and teaching. I value his professional input to this extent because I know that he possesses such advanced playing skills, such a depth of experience, and an exceptional educational background - as far as I'm concerned, Joshua is the first person I would talk to regarding any teaching, performance or playing issue.


Joshua is a genuinely first class musician and tutor, and I thoroughly recommend his services to you."


Christy Bannerman MA


Josh is a friendly, knowledgeable and patient teacher. He takes the time to tailor a manageable structure for lessons

with the perfect balance of achievable and challenging content. Most of all, they are great fun - I found after a few weeks that Id picked up a huge amount without really being aware of it! I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to learn guitar, whatever age they are.


Rowan Morrison

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