Guitar lessons in Edinburgh

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Finding quality guitar classes in Edinburgh can be difficult. Whether you're searching for acoustic, classical or electric guitar lessons, you can find them here, where the goal is to make you the guitar player you want to be, and in any style you feel comfortable in. How deep into any style you go is really up to you, but whether you're a beginner or not you'll be shown all the correct methods for playing and for practice, as well as being given relevant material that suits your level and interests.






Lesson content (such as song choices) can be guided by you if you have ideas in mind, if not however then you can follow a loosely structured program of songs and pieces that are fun to play but will also keep pushing you to improve. The approach to learning songs and pieces is the most important thing when taking lessons; almost any material (as long as it's not too basic for your level) can make you a better guitarist if you approach learning it the right way, and that's the focus of the lessons.


The lesson space has all the necessary equipment, including amps, guitar leads (though it is still best if you bring your own) and a music stand. There is also recording equipment, meaning that quality recordings can be provided for songs, pieces or licks that you've been working on in the lesson. If you've taken lessons before without recordings available, then you'll know the frustration of trying to remember a part without having anything as a reference. Professional level printed notation (with treble clef and/or tab) is also available, meaning that along with being shown exactly the best way to play and practice a song or piece you'll have every resource you would need to really start getting better at the guitar.


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Guitar lessons in Edinburgh Guitar tuition in Edinburgh

Current M.U. rate is £34 per hour


Guitar lessons in Edinburgh                

5/6 Maritime street, Leith              

Edinburgh, EH6 6QR    

Contact number: 07982240703                                                                                              


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"I've been getting guitar lessons with Josh for about a year now. Not only is he a great guitarist but he is also a great teacher.

He is always happy to teach you new songs that you're into. Would highly recommend him." 

Mark Brady

Prices for block booked lessons (4 or more)


£24.5 for an hour lesson

£20 for a 45 minute lesson

£15 for a 30 minute lesson


Prices for single lessons


£26 for an hour lesson

£21 for a 45 minute lesson

£16 for a 30 minute lesson