Guitar lessons in Edinburgh

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If you would like to book lessons, or have any questions regarding tuition or 'Plectrum Studies for the Serious Guitarist', then please fill out this contact form. If inquiring about lessons, the more information you can give the better, so the lesson can be tailored to suit your needs. If you've had experience playing guitar and/or know what you'd like to learn, then please give details.


Using the contact form is the most efficient way

to book inquire about lessons, however

you can also contact Josh directly via phone or email:




Phone: 07982240703

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Guitar lessons in Edinburgh                

5/6 Maritime street, Leith              

Edinburgh, EH6 6SB                                                  

Contact no: 07982240703                                                            

Email: [email protected]


"Joshua was back then and still continues to be simply in a different league from the vast majority of guitarists. He is a genuinely first class musician and tutor, and I thoroughly recommend his services to you"

Christy Bannerman.